Giving back to the Community

Our Members talk about giving back to the Community

Angela: "The Great Falls Optimists have over the last 15 years provided food and holiday gifts to families in need in Reston and Herndon. One memorable year we shopped for 8 families at Target, trying to fulfill their wish lists. We had several carts filled with clothes, food, toys and books that we later wrapped. This was a wonderful way for us to celebrate the holiday season."

Margo: "I especially enjoy the Children's Festival in the Spring. I remember taking my children when they were young, and they loved it. It was great to volunteer last year with son. He helped 'guard' the eggs. I think this was special to him since he had gathered them not too many years ago. I look forward to many more years guarding eggs, and hope to have grandchildren here to gather them some day."
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