Great Falls Grange Foundation

The GrangeAs a founding member of the Great Falls Grange Foundation, and as a 501(C)3 non profit organization which will take over the maintenance and operations of the Great Falls Grange Complex (which includes the Grange, the Drainesville Schoolhouse, and the Old Pavillion behind) , The Optimist Club has been working diligently to get the Non Profit status of the Organization through the IRS, to get Incorporation and By Laws completed, and negotiations with the County to determine who has responsibilities and where.

We are coming to the end of those negotiations, where a Licensing Agreement will be signed by the Fairfax County Park Authority and the Grange Foundation, but only after each of the founding member organizations approve.Drainesville Schoolhouse

Once we receive the final draft of the agreement, Linda Thompson, our Grange Chair, will bring this document to the club for our final approval or denial.

It's been a long road and there has been a great deal of angst as we have sorted through documents and more documents.

We're Almost there!

Read more about the work done on this project here, in an article that appeared in various publications including the Great Falls Connection.

Meet 2nd Thursday of each Month
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